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Staying relevant in your child's digital world

by Martine Oglethorpe

Parenting 1

As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed and our lives become more deeply immersed in the digital world, the challenges faced by parents in this uncharted territory can often feel overwhelming.

As a parent, worrying comes naturally. We hear so much about the dangers of the digital age: the predators, the pornography, the paedophiles, the gaming obsessions, the screen addictions and the cyber bullying.

So how can we ensure that our kids can reap the very best of what technology has to offer, while at the same time protecting them from those negative elements?

Video Games

Managing Video Games and The Next Digital Craze Webinar

Join parenting and technology expert Martine Oglethorpe for this powerful 60 minute webinar.

Martine takes a step back from the headlines, addresses the current myths and shares the latest research on the effects gaming has on young people today.
Parenting 2

Driven to Distraction Webinar

This webinar discusses how families can incorporate technology and devices into their homes in a way that allows for positive use and engagement.

Learn ways to help your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development with positive screen time interaction.