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Parish Notices

Plenary Council 2020

The Plenary Council invites people to continue to participate in the journey towards the Council sessions in 2020 and 2021. The “Listening and Discernment” phase recently opened, and a guide has been developed to encourage groups to take part in communal discernment on the National Themes for Discernment. Learn more about the Christian practice of discernment and download the guide, “Let’s Listen and Discern”, at www.plenarycouncil.catholic.org.au


Ordination of Emene Kelemete

Bishop Tim Harris would like to invite you to attend the Ordination to the Priesthood of Deacon Emene Kelemete on Thursday 31st of October from 7pm. The Ordination will take place at the Edmund Rice Hall at Ignatius Park College, Ross River Road. There is ample parking in the Holy Spirit Parish Car Park, Ignatius Park College car park and on Ross River Road and Albert Street. There will be light refreshments afterwards. All are welcome to attend.


Understanding the Rite of Ordination

Anointing of the Hands: After the investiture, the newly ordained priest kneels before the Bishop who anoints his hands with Sacred Chrism. In the baptismal rite, the newly baptised is anointed on the forehead as a sign of being united with Jesus, priest, prophet, and king. In Confirmation, the confirmand is anointed on the forehead as a ‘sealing with the Holy Spirit.’ Sacred Chrism is also used to anoint the walls and altar during the Dedication of a Church and Altar. In the Ordination of a Bishop, he is anointed on the head as a sign of his distinctive sharing in the headship of Christ over the Church. Priests are anointed on their hands as a sign of their distinctive sharing in Christ’s Priesthood by which they offer the sacrifice of the Mass.


Extra Ordinary Month of Mission

Next weekend our Parish will be holding the annual Catholic Mission Church Appeal. This year we are invited to partner with the Church in Ghana, as they provide ongoing protection and development of children who are vulnerable.

In line with traditional beliefs, in parts of Ghana, children born with a disability, or whose mother passes during childbirth, are considered to be ‘spiritchildren’, and thus at risk of being harmed or killed. The Church in Ghana is dedicated to protecting these children and educating families to ensure every child has a chance to live a full life. Next week you will learn more about Sister Stan and the Nazareth Home for God’s Children, which is leading these efforts in the diocese of Yendi.

You will be offered the opportunity to personally partner with the Church in Ghana as a monthly giving partner, with all gifts specifically directed to life-saving projects for children in need – please come prepared to give generously.

FREECALL: 1800 257 296 or www.catholicmission.org.au/ghana


Making Sense of Suffering

“A journey on healing the wound of suffering to the fount of Healing” Presented by Fr Dave Tremble mgl. Friday 25th October 7pm & Saturday 26th October 9am – 5pm. BYO shared lunch Saturday at the Mater Conference Centre

For more information contact: Rosalie Totorico 0400 708 327


Flyer - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7a9XQ-3WJ9FWmFrcjZ4X2szMmN1N3BLQ2p1cVBFQ2ViQ2dr