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As we come to the end of another term, once again there are many people in our school community who 'give life' to our school. To 'give life' is to contribute to our community in such a way that makes us want to belong.

Parent groups within our school community such as P & F and our Class and Community Contacts are also great sources of communication and generously give their time to inform parents of current and upcoming events.  All community members are welcome to attend these meetings.

In the last 2 weeks, the Townsville Eisteddfod has been in full swing. Our choirs and bands, led by Sue and Maureen, have conquered the stage with many successes. It was our own Year 4 choir named Overall Champion. Our hats off to the many students challenging themselves in an area many adults fear – public performance. Our year 3 class performed this week with their poem and took out 2nd. Well Done 3D and Mr Wootton. Good luck to the remaining classes attending this week.

This week, we were informed that we had won the Indigenous Song Competition. The judges loved the involvement, enthusiasm, effort and creativity of our talented students. A huge thank you must also go to Kirsten, Tricia, Sue and Maureen for the planning, rehearsal and the technological skills to put it all together.

Bouquets to all who have 'given life' to our school this term. If you have worked in a classroom, helped in the tuckshop, accompanied students on an excursion, attended a meeting or positively promoted our school - thank you and God bless!

Have a restful holiday or perhaps just a break in routine from school lunches and homework! 

Get in the Spirit

Paul Martin