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Kids Matter

Why emotioal intelligence matters

by Michael Grose


Emotional intelligence benefits kids in so many ways, yet we’ve been slow to develop it in children and young people. Most parents intuitively know that emotional smarts is beneficial but they are unsure how to introduce it into their parenting. 

As a parent your emotions as well as your child’s emotions give you information that directs your parenting behaviour. Emotionally intelligent parenting means we consciously take in the emotional cues that children provide, as well as the cognitive and behaviour cues.


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Developing Emotional Inteligence in Children Webinar

On soon: Monday 29 October 2018,  7.30pm - 8.30pm AEDT

This webinar will explore the nature of emotional intelligence and how parents can act in ways to help their child manage big emotions. It will be presented by Michael Hawton, MAPS, a registered Psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Michael Hawton is one of Australia’s leading experts in emotional intelligence development in children and young people. Michael works with teachers, parents, mental health workers and kids around Australia to help implement put emotional intelligence strategies in their schools, families and workplace settings.


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Parenting Courses

Our online courses have been designed to help parents to expand their skills and increase their confidence in raising children. Developed by author and award-winning parenting speaker Michael Grose, with contributions from world-leading child development and parenting experts, our courses all feature highly credible and reliable information.