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Principal's Corner

Principal's Photo 2018
Today at our Thank You Liturgy, we acknowledged the many parents, grandparents and family members who contribute generously to our school community. There is much research relating student success to parental engagement. Parental engagement occurs in many ways and should not be measured by the number of hours of commitment, quality not quantity is the key!
Just this week we have seen parents at meetings for  P & F, School Board and the Indigenous Parents' Reference Group. Our Class and Community Contacts are another essential group in our school assisting the school community. These groups assist in making decisions which benefit all students in our school.
There are various ways in which parents and caregivers engage in our school community and we are appreciative of your effort, bouquets to you!
Prep Orientation
On Tuesday, we welcomed our 2019 prep students. It is wonderful to see the confidence of these children in their new school environment. We are delighted to have a role in the learning journey of these four and five year olds.   Thank you to all who attended.