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Make your compliments count

by Michael Grose


Ever notice how small hinges can swing really big doors? It's a reminder that it's the smallest things we do in our families that often have the biggest impact. One way you can maximise your impact on your family's wellbeing and your children's self-esteem is to make your compliments count.

Here's a story about how a few well-chosen words had a huge impact on a child, with an explanation of how you can do the same.


kidsmatter 2

Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children Webinar

This webinar will explore the nature of emotional intelligence and how parents can act in ways to help their child manage big emotions. It will be presented by Michael Hawton, MAPS, a registered Psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Michael is a former, trained primary school teacher and the author of Talk Less Listen More - solutions for children's difficult behaviour(2013) and Engaging Adolescents - holding tough conversations with teenagers (2017)


Kidsmatter 3

21 Days to a Happier Family Webinar

This webinar equips parents with a fresh way of proactively developing the habits that will strengthen their family.

Presented by Dr Justin Coulson, one of very few people in Australia with a PhD in Positive Psychology - and the only person in the country whose PhD includes a careful look at the intersection of Positive Psychology and relationships, particularly in family life.