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From the Desk of the APA

First of all - R U OK? Thursday 10 September is, R U OK? Day. It is a day that we start a conversation with those around us and check if they R OK. But this day is not only for the children, but also for the adults - the people we work with and the parents! So don't forget to start the conversation this R U OK day as well as every day! 

Prep to Year 2 Early Years Testing – This week, we had visitors from Townsville Catholic Education deliver our results. Students are tested at the beginning and towards the end of the year, which allows us to see if there has been growth in the areas of Oral Language and Numeracy. We are really pleased with our students’ growth and thank our staff for their tireless efforts to improve students learning. The results also allow us to offer intervention and targeted learning groups for improvement and/or extension in the classroom.

Pupil Free Day – Professional Development

Last Friday, teachers participated in professional development to build the capacity and confidence to reflect on their teaching and to know the impact of their teaching on learners. School Officers were involved in either MAPA training (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression) or a workshop facilitated by Laurie Kelly regarding training the brain. 

Professional development helps staff continue to not only be competent in their profession, but also excel in it. There’s always room for growth and improvement of professional skills. Attending a conference or workshop can provide staff with new ways to sharpen skills within their toolbox. The more knowledge an individual gains of a specific skill set, the more confidence they will have when performing these skills. Professional development days are provided and organised to ensure staff continue to strengthen their practice and knowledge, so skills stay relevant and up-to-date.

Strength in the Spirit,

Brenton Place

Acting Assistant to the Principal – Admin